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The City of Lights offers a mesmerizing array of experiences, blending rich history, artistic wonders, and masterful cuisine at virtually every corner. However, what you should remember most about Paris, is that it is truly the centre of France. Virtually every great contribution of the country as a whole can be found there, which is quite different than many other places, where such treasures are more spread out.

Here's what we think should form the core of your experience:

History & Art

Paris is an old city, the origins of which date to the late 3rd century B.C., but most of the Paris that we think of today when visiting was built during the 19th century, or from the time of Napoleon up until the time of the First World War. 

An enormous part of its attraction to visitors is the story of the enormous wealth of the country’s aristocracy which fuelled the development of one of the most influential artistic and stylistic cultures the world has ever known. The collections of the Louvre and d’Orsay are unmatched contributions to the artistic world. 


One of France’s greatest gifts as a nation is the astonishing range of climate, terrain, and cultivation (collectively, terroir) resulting in an enormous diversity of natural products for cooking. All of these end up in Paris, and have resulted in an enormously successful, innovative culinary environment which treats cuisine as a religion, complete with temples, priests, and holy texts all fixated on gastronomy. 

Lifestyle & Fashion

The enduring image of the Parisian and Parisian lifestyle is an evocative mix of effortless chic, somewhat too many cigarettes, and a great deal of wine drinking at all manner of sidewalk cafés, before retreating to a small but glamorous apartment. While this is not a reality for many Parisians due to the enormous cost of living, what certainly is true is that the collective aggregation of wealth in Paris and an overwhelming cultural interest in beauty has resulted in one of the greatest hotbeds of fashion, design, and couture that the world has ever seen. An essential part of the Paris experience should include spending a good amount of time absorbing at least the ideal of this way of life.

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