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The idea is pretty simple. 

We connect curious travellers directly with exceptional, hand-picked guides and experience-makers, globally. 

The kind of people you'd normally need to have recommended by a friend, who will start as your guide and end up as a friend.

No middle-men, no commissions, and no commoditisation. 

Beautiful country roads in Scotland
Who We Are
Scottish Coast

W H O  W E  A R E

Our founders are Alexander, Joel, & Emma.

Between them, they have travelled most of the world, and seen and done most of the things a world-traveller or adventurer might want to. 

Alexander as a private cultural consultant and guide, taking clients to some of the most interesting and spectacular places, and curating once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Joel & Emma, once clients, and now long time friends and business mentors.

Global Guide Group was born from the recognition that the best travel experiences happen when other people show you the magic of new places, and end up as friends.

How It Works

H O W  I T  W O R K S

To join our club, there is an annual membership cost. We think you'll save this amount on your first booking, or at latest on your second, compared to going through a travel agent.


This gives you instant access to our list of guides. You are then free to search our global catalogue of places and guides (who we have picked with the benefit of decades of travel and cultural tourism experience) to your heart’s content.


When you find someone somewhere who piques your interest, you can reach out to them directly, negotiate a price based on what your tour or trip or experience will be, and arrange your adventure with their help. 

Fine art in Wroclaw, Poland

W H A T  Y O U  G E T

We give you and your guide full
flexibility to create the best trip you can imagine.

What You Get


Our job is to find you the very best guides in the very best places, and connect you with them. 


As a result, you get a much better deal than you ever would working through a travel agent. 

Most people don’t realise that by the time an agent you are working with in your country has put you in touch with a guide in your destination, there may have been up to five different middle-men along the way, all of whom may have taken a cut out of the fee you orginally paid. 

And of course, you should also know that this means that the guide you are working with isn’t getting paid all that much out of what you paid for their service in the first place, limiting the quality of guide you’ll be put in touch with in the first place.

We estimate you’ll probably save the entire annual membership either with the first tour, or at the latest by the second that you book, compared to booking through an agent. 

As part of your membership, we also have a huge collection of inspiration and guidance about the many places you may wish to visit, as well as lots of ideas about what travel is about, and how to become a better, kinder, more effective, and ultimately wiser traveller yourself. 

We work very hard to give you a sense of what makes up the essence of a place, why you might wish to visit and experience it, and how to go about doing that. This means we offer a suggested itinerary as a starting point for you to base your adventures off of, and will as appropriate give you insight into the cultural and culinary uniqueness of a place. 


What We Do Differently

W H A T  W E  D O  D I F F E R E N T L Y

Our goal is to connect you with the kind of person that would normally only be available as a recommendation from friends.

Most importantly, we don’t charge commission. We charge an annual membership, but after that, the price you agree with your guide is the price you pay, and what they get. This way, your costs are 100% transparent.

We don’t post fixed prices for tours or experiences on our website. This helps to protect the integrity of everyone, interestingly. 


It makes sure that we can give you access to guides whose experience is vast and who don’t want to compete with other guides on price, as you find on any of the big platforms which we won't name and shame.

It also means that you and the guides are free to find a price that everyone can agree on.

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