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A captivating blend of slightly unsettling medieval charm, Gothic architecture, and old Bohemian grandeur, Prague is an evocative example of one of the great Western Slavic jewels.

Nestled along the banks of the Vltava River, its UNESCO-listed historic center is a textbook labyrinth of old town winding cobblestone streets, a sort of living museum to the rich heritage of the Czech republic. Here is a place to sit and have hearty central European fare while drinking one of two local beers that the particular cellar (that might date to the 13th century) you've found offers, and quietly lose oneself just imagining the world in its glory years. Contemporary Prague offers a vibrant arts scene, and warm hospitality, with plenty to experience and explore.

Here's what we think should form the core of your experience:

Medival Charm & Gothic Architecture

The combination of gothic spires, cobbled streets, and romantic bridges spanning the Vltava River lends a particular atmosphere difficult to describe in a way which adequately conveys the experience. It’s very much worth soaking this up, and taking time to do little more than explore and get a sense for the scale and feeling of Prague. The Castle, and Charles bridge alone hearken back to a bygone era of kings, knights, and Renaissance luminaries. Squint, or stroll around after dark, give yourself the room for your imagination to breathe a bit, and you’ll find yourself transported to another time entirely.

Bohemian Art & Literary History

Prague has long been a centre for artists, writers, and intellectuals. The most famous of these is most likely Alfons Mucha, and though although few people haven’t seen his spectacular work in the art nouveau style, fewer still seem be able to name him. Franz Kafka too played a large role in the foundational narrative of contemporary Prague as an art centre, which now boasts a wealth of galleries, theaters, and literary cafes where avant-garde works and literary efforts flourish.

Beer Culture & Cuisine

Beer has been brewed here for centuries, and the Czech Republic’s contributions to the art more generally include of course the invention of the Pilsner style. Although perhaps not quite as active in the craft brewery scene as some other countries, there is a great comfort to knowing that most places will have a simple house-made light and dark beer, and that it will be enjoyable everywhere.

Prague is also more generally awash with beer culture, boasting a centuries-old tradition of historic pubs, beer halls, and brewery tours.

By far the best cuisine in the Czech Republic is found here as well. You are well-advised advised to explore the range on offer, from goulash, roast pork knuckle, and traditional dumplings, to more sophisticated offerings in the style of the old-world, the sort of dinner a well-to-do visitor might have experienced at the end of the 19th century.

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