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Global Guide Group Membership

We're very excited to offer you access to the finest, and most fun experts and experience-makers, all over the world, in virtually any field you could imagine.

With decades of experience guiding and working with guides, we've carefully collected them all in one place, right here.

Ordinarily, to find people like this, you either need to book them through an expensive agent, get a truly spectacular recommendation from a friend, or do months of research.

Once you're a member, all you have to do is write them a simple message with your approximate dates, and what you're interested in, to get started making incredible memories.

Membership Perks

Joy & Adventure & Fun.

Without the Research & Planning Headache

Write Any of our Guides, anywhere in the world.

Get Access to Our Thoughtful Itinerary Suggestions

Helpful Tips & Tricks for Booking
Museums, Restaurants, & Archeological Sites

We have experts in just about every place & cultural field you could imagine.

Get a Quote for a Personalised Tour or Experience with whomever you choose, and book directly with them.

Get a GREAT overview of how many days to stay, what you might want to focus on, and what order probably makes the most sense.

Get the best info on how & when to book the most in-demand places so that you don't end up caught-out.

Here are just some of the ways our hand-picked expert contacts can help you:

(have the trip of a lifetime, every time)


Planning & Secrets

Keep the pace perfect and don't stress

Effortlessly see and visit the most interesting parts of a place, be they famous, or subtle.


From monuments to hidden secret wonders in back courtyards and behind closed doors – without ending up exhausted trying to plan the best route or how to get from one place to the next.

Art & Archeology

Your perfect introduction to a vibrant world of beauty & adventure

Visit the world's greatest museums with a friend who can walk you through the most exciting parts and the overlooked parts and bring it all to life. 


Don't worry about how to find everything, or what you should focus on, or the exhaustion of too many rooms and too many works of art.

Cuisine & Restaurants

Dine with expert recommendations

Eat at the best restaurants, from charming local haunts, to world-class gastronomical temples, without doing hours of research.


Our experts can walk you through where to really immerse yourself in the culinary identity of a place, and understand its joy and values.

History & Culture

Get ready to understand every nuance of the world's cultures and story.

Get an insider's look into millenia of sophisticated culture and history, through the lens of someone who has made sharing all of this with guests their life's work.

Whether for pleasure or business or your own curiosity, we'll help you understand the world and its people, and how they ended up the way they are.


These are just some of the incredible places & experiences our network can make happen for you!

Our Entire Network of Expert Guides & Experience-makers, is Just an Email Away....

Champagne in Paris

We want your travels to feel like an experience, rather than 'a tour'.


We want you to have a friend, rather than just 'a tour guide'.


Our favourite guides are people who know their work inside and out, but also know how to bring it to life and know how much to share to get the point across without being overbearing.

And of course, the biggest part of the magic is being able to work with people. We want to connect you with wonderful people who are able to come to you, no matter what your level is and effortlessly add something you'll remember forever.

Visit the baths at Pompeii

Meet Our Expert Guides

Join us and get ready to make memories!

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